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Fat – No Longer a Dietary Dirty Word


For more than a few decades the medical community told us that fat was bad. Much maligned, fat was deemed enemy number one of hearts and brains as well as waistlines. 

What’s New spoke with Dean G. Karalis, MD, FACC, FNLAdirector of Preventive Cardiology at Pennsylvania Hospital, and a clinical professor of Medicine at Penn’s Perelman School of Medicine, to explore recent research showing how the tide against some fats is turning – and what it all means for both physicians and patients.

It had been thought that saturated fat – animal-based fats such as those found in dairy products and red meat – was the enemy of all circulatory systems. Thus, the medical community recommended a low-fat diet to prevent cardiovascular disease for decades. Now, this no longer holds true.

Full Story

Be Somebody's Umbrella

PPMC Celebrates Patient Experience Week In 2014, CPUP launched Patient Experience week, a week dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of service excellence, and recognizing and rewarding employees for the important work they d...Full story

A Celebration of Commitment and Quality

At a special celebration, HUP, CPUP, and Corporate recognized the 75 new members entering the UPHS 25-Year Club, as well as those reaching later milestones – 30, 35, 40, and 45 years of service. Total active membership in the club is now up...Full story

Show Me a Hero

Heroes never seem to go out of style. Even fictional heroes have made the huge leap from comic book pages to the screens of Hollywood blockbusters. However, real heroes don’t need capes or superpowers. Some of them wear scrubs. And… they a...Full story

One Week … and Counting

HUP Prepares for the Popes Visit Trash pick-up in the middle of the night. Hundreds of cots and air mattresses in Penn Tower. Shower trucks. These are just some of the special arrangements that have been put in place at HUP for Pope Fran...Full story

One Week … and Counting

PPMC Prepares for the Pope’s Visit As Philadelphia prepares for the World Meeting of Families and the Pope’s visit next week, Papal planning teams at each Penn Medicine entity have been meeting regularly to assess site-specific issues that...Full story

Investing in the Future

Education is a cornerstone of Penn Medicine, not only for its medical and doctoral students but also for high schoolers and undergraduates in the region and, in fact, across the globe. That’s why several programs offered during the summer –...Full story

Yes You Can! Sharing Wisdom and Guidance with the Newest Class of Penn Med Students

Pennsylvania Hospital’s own Jack Ludmir, MD – chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology at PAH, vice chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology for Penn Medicine, and a professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology in Penn’s Perelman School of Medicine – was t...Full story

PPMC Recognized for Summer Community Outreach Efforts

Last month, the People’s Emergency Center presented PPMC with a Certificate of Appreciation for its commitment to educating local children about healthy eating, the dangers of drug addiction, stroke awareness, and more, as part of the semi-...Full story

Restoring Function… and Quality of Life

Mously Le Blanc, MD, is a detective of sorts. As a cancer rehabilitation specialist – one of only a few in the country -- she uses her knowledge of nerves, muscles, and bones to connect the dots between medical mysteries patients present w...Full story

Making a Positive Impact One Mom, One Baby, One Family at a Time

The World Breastfeeding Week annual awareness campaign 2015, celebrated August 1st through 7th, is coordinated by the World Alliance for Breastfeeding (WABA), a global network of organizations concerned with the protection, promotion and ...Full story


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