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Share News of Your Holiday Activities!

Are you sharing your time, talents and support to the community and/or Penn Medicine this Holiday season? If so, please email your activities and photo(s) to the Penn Medicine Department of Communications at by December 22. We may feature you in an upcoming issue of our newsletters!

Advanced Practice Providers – Pivotal to the Future of Health Care

When we think of advances in medicine and health care, the first things to usually come to mind are research breakthroughs and technological developments. But what about staffing? “When I was in high school, if a student was contemplatin...Full story

Staffing for the Stages of Life

Several years ago, Anissa Magwood, MJ, BSN, was at a crossroads in her professional career. With three years’ experience on Silverstein 12 – and finishing up a master’s degree in health care law – she wasn’t sure what her next step should b...Full story

Please Welcome… Our New Executive Director, Theresa Larivee

You’ve seen the banner-up signs in the Preston Lobby and outside the Elm Garden Cafeteria. You may have seen her in meetings, in and around Pennsylvania Hospital – our new Executive Director, Theresa Larivee! To get a more personal feel ...Full story

A Tradition of Holiday Spirit at HUP

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.” In fact – thanks to the efforts of the Abrahamsohn Christmas and East committee – HUP has three! The tradition started in the late 1800’s with Oscar Abrahamsohn, an immigrant, who supported himself b...Full story

Connexus: Real-time Patient Information in a Mobile-Friendly View

With the advent of electronic medical records, patient information became as close as the nearest computer. But securely logging in to a desktop and waiting for the EMR to load can be a lengthy process. Now, Connexus takes this access to cl...Full story

Sixth Annual PPMC Patient Advocacy Recognition Reception

The PHI auditorium was packed last week as staff, family and friends came to honor colleagues and loved ones being recognized at the 6th Annual PPMC Patient Advocacy Recognition Reception. The UPHS Office of Patient Affairs and PPMC Patient...Full story

The New Face of Nursing

Wouldn’t it be fun to imagine our hospital’s cofounders Benjamin Franklin and Dr. Thomas Bond walking around PAH today? One can only wonder what their reactions would be – not only to the physical changes of hospital or machines of modern m...Full story

A Positive Patient Experience: Every Visit, Every Day

Service excellence is a top priority for the Clinical Practices of the University of Pennsylvania (CPUP). Over the past several years, the group has seen improvement in key patient satisfaction areas among its 200 practices, including its a...Full story

Presby’s Night Owls

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Keeping the Lights On when it’s Dark OutsideIt was 10:30 p.m. when I walked into the Wright-Saunders lobby; a familiar scene that on this night was eerily unfamiliar in its silence. But what I learned over the c...Full story

Pennsy P.M.

A Snapshot of the Nation’s First Hospital After Dark It was a chilly, rainy and moonless night. While the rest of North America was slumbering the night of October 22 and into the morning of October 23, What’s New made the rounds through P...Full story


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