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May 27, 2015 // By Olivia Fermano // Comments

A Very Special Tea for Two

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You can change someone’s world with5 Preston Tea_1 one simple act of kindness.

Earlier this month Pennsylvania Hospital (PAH) maternity nurse, Lynne Dever, RNC, was going about her work day when she noticed her patient – Alison Paymer of Philadelphia – was in great distress.

Other than being pregnant with twins, Paymer’s pregnancy had been normal. However, multiple gestations increase a mother’s risk for preeclampsia – a particularly dangerous form of high blood pressure brought on by pregnancy that arises after the 20th week. For Paymer, though, preeclampsia wouldn’t arise until after she delivered two healthy baby boys – Zachary and Jake – via cesarean section on May 4.

“Four days post op and we had to extend her hospital admissions another day so we could keep continue to manage her unstable blood pressure,” said Peter Gearhart, MD, a clinical assistant professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

This extra day stay meant that Paymer would have to miss attending a Mother’s Day breakfast and tea at her three-year old daughter Maddie’s school. “My mother took Maddie to the tea and afterwards, sent me all these pictures,” said Paymer. “She meant well, but it just made me even more upset to miss such a moment.”

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