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October 02, 2015 // By Robert Press // Comments

A Weekend Inside the Pope-rimeter at Penn Medicine (Slideshow)

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So the Pope came to town. Dunno if you heard.

Pope Francis's historic visit to Philadelphia was an uneventful kind of eventful — which is to say that based on crowd estimates for the historic event, we here at Penn Medicine were prepared for an enormous surge of patients speaking dozens of languages. But thankfully, the Papal pilgrims must have been in good health and a very cautious bunch, since it was a pretty “quiet” weekend throughout our city hospitals. 

We've already documented a number of those preparations, so there's really no need to go over that again. Instead, let's talk about what happened in the hospitals over the weekend, while thousands of employees and staff — prevented by security measures from performing their normal commutes — were staying overnight for a day or two in the hospitals themselves.

Actually, we'll do more than talk about it: We'll show you.

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