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October 24, 2016 // By Robert Press // Comments

What Goes (or Doesn’t Go) Bump in the Night at Pennsylvania Hospital?

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If for some reason it wasn’t made abundantly clear by my 1,000-word love letter to pumpkin spice: I’m a fan of the autumn months.

October, in particular. It’s when the leaves start changing; it’s when the heat of the summer finally retreats to the south, and—thanks to Halloween—it’s when spooky stories are in abundant supply.

Yes, I love me some spooky stories. Give me your headless horsemen, your Bell Witch, your dancing skeletons, your Jersey Devil running amok in the pinelands. Can’t get enough of it.

So naturally, my attention is drawn to the setting of Pennsylvania Hospital. Think about it: A 265-year-old health care facility in a major city. What a setting! How many millions have to have gone through its doors? How many spooky stories could that centuries-old architecture tell?

Enter: Stacey Peeples, curator and lead archivist at Pennsylvania Hospital. She’s been there for almost 16 years, and she’s got an answer to the question, “What goes bump in the night at Pennsylvania Hospital?”

Her response: Not much. But she understands where the assumption might come from.

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