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April 20, 2015 // By Paul Foster // Comments

'Tis the Season (For Allergy Shots)

The salt stains have  washed off and the snow mounds have all melted. This year’s frigid winter is behind us. However, the trees are now blooming, ushering in another season which brings suffering to many across the region — allergy season.

That’s right. Just when you get the urge to finally shut off Netflix, throw off your comforter and get outside, tree pollen appears to make sure you don’t enjoy yourself too much out there. While Philadelphia didn’t make the list of top allergy cities in the country, it’s been reported this will be a bad year for allergies across the board. Fortunately, we’ve got modern medicine on our side.

While there are many ways to alleviate your symptoms with great over-the-counter medications, Andrea Apter, MD, professor of Medicine and chief of Allergy and Immunology in the division of Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care Medicine, says they can be difficult to understand and properly dose and that those who suffer badly from allergies should make their way to an allergist.

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