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Greg RichterAs communications specialist for Penn Medicine's Department of Communications, Greg supports media monitoring and measurement, publications, web content, social media and media relations. Greg posts content on Inside Penn Medicine and other areas of the Department's internet and intranet pages, writes news releases, announcements, newsletter articles and other content, takes and formats photographs for publications, compiles daily news clips emails, and other communication. Greg earned bachelor's and master's degrees in public relations from Rowan University. Before Penn Medicine, Greg served as a public relations writer in Rowan's Office of Media and Public Relations for Rowan's College of Engineering.

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Giving Thanks and Talking Options

November 23, 2016 // Comments IMG_0056

Every year, Thanksgiving tends to ignite conversations with family members and friends in a way no other Holiday can. “So how about this election?” “Is Michael really applying to college as a philosophy major?” “Should we really be watching a sport that irreparably destroys the brains and bodies of young... Read more

LGBT Health Program Creates Generational Chains of Mentorship 

November 7, 2016 // Comments image from

Since Penn Medicine launched its Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Health Program in 2014, the group’s numerous initiatives have tackled diversity and inclusion in the workplace, classroom, and clinical settings, educated students and staff on LGBT health topics and disparities, and participated in community outreach, among other efforts. Now,... Read more

New Penn Medicine Cherry Hill Celebrates Grand Opening

October 14, 2016 // Comments _DB46311

Penn Medicine Cherry Hill, a new 150,000 square foot outpatient facility, celebrated its opening with a ribbon cutting last night at its location at 1865 Route 70 East in Cherry Hill, NJ. With 28 specialties and expanded radiology and laboratory offerings in one building, the new facility allows patients to... Read more

Getting Schooled in Healthy Habits

September 7, 2016 // Comments Michener.Jennifer_White Coat

Well before signs of fall kick in – cooler weather, fewer daylight hours, and pumpkin spice in everything – many kids and young adults feel an abrupt halt to the comforts of summer as they return to school. For clinicians at Penn Adolescent & Young Adult Medicine, they are particularly... Read more

Taking a New Look at Older Patients

August 31, 2016 // Comments image from

Awardees and leaders of the Geriatric Resource Nurse-led Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Program It’s no secret that caring for ourselves and our well-being becomes more complex as we age, but changes, including a new program at Penn Medicine, are critically needed to care for the nation’s aging population. In fact, in... Read more

A Clearer View of Achievement in Nuclear Radiology

August 5, 2016 // Comments image from

The contributions of Abass Alavi, MD, to the field of nuclear medicine come into clearer focus when you hear his life story up to this point – raised in a poor family in Iran to becoming one of the world’s preeminent researchers in nuclear imaging. Alavi started at the University... Read more

A Dose of Music

July 14, 2016 // Comments Operating-room

The world of music has been embraced by medicine since 4000 BC, when "hallelujah to the healer" was played as a contribution to payment for medical care. The ancient Greeks referred to Apollo as the father of healing and music. While music as payment stopped long ago, it continued to... Read more

Penn Takes SLEEP Research to New Heights in the Mile High City

June 22, 2016 // Comments image from

We’ve all been there. A late night turns to an early morning – little to no sleep in between – with many aspects of our health and wellness taking the hit. Sleep loss can make us eat unhealthy foods, gain weight, impair our mood, memory, decision-making, and worsen our immune... Read more

Cadence for the Heart and Soul

May 16, 2016 // Comments MG guitar

I first heard Molly G. Hicks, MMT, MT-BC, perform a song last December at Penn Wissahickon Hospice’s annual “Light Up a Life” tree lighting ceremony. Each light on the tree honored a patient, friend or other individual dear to someone in attendance. The music therapist and bereavement coordinator at Penn... Read more

Paul Farmer Inspires the Next Generation of Global Health Leaders

May 4, 2016 // Comments Globe

While renowned anthropologist and physician Paul Farmer, MD, PhD, attended a public health class on community diagnosis at Harvard University in the 1980s, he learned about the basic health care package known as “GOBI”-- growth monitoring, oral rehydration, breast feeding, and immunization--often cited as the most effective way to save... Read more

What Nurses Wish Patients Knew

April 13, 2016 // Comments Checking-records

Good communication is essential to successful therapeutic relationships. This is all the more evident when talking about the interaction between patients and nurses. The exchange of information not only can lead to better compassionate care and outcomes, but it also puts patients at the center of the clinical decision making... Read more

New Research Pharmacy Opens at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center

March 21, 2016 // Comments ResearchPharmacy1

When Kenneth Rockwell Jr, PharmD, MS, director of the Investigational Drug Service (IDS) at Penn Medicine, started 21 years ago, the research pharmacy was a one-man operation. Since then, IDS – tasked with managing research medications used in clinical drug trials throughout Penn and many of its affiliates – has... Read more

Pa’s First Teen Health Week Highlights Unique Issues Youth Face

February 22, 2016 // Comments Teen_healthFB

When Governor Tom Wolf designated the last week in January as the state’s first ever Teen Health week, the staff at Penn’s Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine practice in Radnor, Pa., seized the opportunity to spotlight many of the unique health issues their patients and the other two million teenagers... Read more

Are you Conversation Ready?

February 1, 2016 // Comments IMG_1211

“We are good at planning for life before it comes into the world, but we rarely plan for death.” Susan Kristiniak, DHA, MSN, RN, associate director of Palliative Care, urged Penn Medicine employees in a recent training that many geriatric patients, including those with late stage forms of cancer, lack... Read more

Penn Medicine Year in Review 2015

December 23, 2015 // Comments Year_in_review

Before we celebrate the New Year – perhaps by experiencing the ball drop in Times Square or the always entertaining Mummers Parade on New Year’s Day in Center City – let’s reflect on a few of the many ways that Penn Medicine advanced patient care, research, and medical education in... Read more

Doctors Without Barriers

December 4, 2015 // Comments image from

Elizabeth Blackwell Society Board Members Olivia Bernal, Christy Hong, Gia Yannekis, Jessica Dong, and Rosaline Zhang. The Perelman School of Medicine’s (PSOM) Obstetrics and Gynecology (Ob/Gyn) interest group, Elizabeth Blackwell Society (EBS), and Leo Leung Orthopaedic Society recently hosted a panel discussion called "The Specialty Less Traveled." The event offered... Read more

Penn’s Tiniest Patients Celebrate Halloween in the Intensive Care Nursery (photos)

November 2, 2015 // Comments

On Friday, nurses, family, and friends celebrated Halloween a day early in the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania’s Intensive Care Nursery (ICN). Although many of these babies were born with very low birth weight or health problems and need special attention before they can go home, their parents and... Read more

“The White Mountains” Awarded for Innovative Education on Dangerous Asbestos

October 16, 2015 // Comments Photo taken by Bill D'Agostino

Photo by Bill D’Agostino of Act II Playhouse Setting: Ambler in Winter. 50 years in the future. Lulu, a girl, and her grandmother, on top of a hill with a sled. GRANDMA: Do you know the story of this hill? LULU: No. GRANDMA: Your granddad and I met here. We... Read more

Music to Patients’ Ears

September 18, 2015 // Comments Threshold choir- Doris and Lana

As I get out of the elevator on a Friday morning at Penn Hospice at Rittenhouse, I follow angelic voices to the unit’s volunteer Threshold Singers practicing for a day of spreading comfort to patients. Since 2012, when co-director Doris Mogen began the all-volunteer, 15-member chapter, she and other members... Read more

Expanding Understanding of Adversity

August 21, 2015 // Comments

The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Study, published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine in 1998, marked a major step forward in connecting how a child’s experience of abuse, neglect, and household dysfunction can influence their future health. Now, a recently published Penn Medicine study in the same journal led... Read more

But First, Sleep

August 7, 2015 // Comments

Cognitive behavioral therapy is prescribed as a psychotherapy treatment for anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and other conditions. It is also the first line of treatment for insomnia. When conditions present simultaneously with insomnia, it has typically been thought that treating the other condition(s) – such as chronic pain or depression... Read more

Seven is Key to Sleep “Heaven”

June 26, 2015 // Comments

We already know what constitutes recommended levels for body mass index, cholesterol, blood glucose, and other measures of human health. Now, for the first time, we know the consensus on the recommended amount of sleep for a healthy adult (aged 18 to 60). David F. Dinges, PhD, director of the... Read more

Employee Wellness Starts with a Better Night's Sleep

June 1, 2015 // Comments Sleep

Employee wellness programs (EWP) are on the rise. More than half of companies with more than 50 employees and 92 percent of companies with over 200 employees offer wellness programs. Employers hope the programs help their employees quit smoking, exercise more and carry out other healthy lifestyle habits to lower... Read more

Making Ethics Front and Center in Nursing Practice

May 6, 2015 // Comments Nurse

Nurses have some of the broadest roles among medical professionals. They work in many aspects of clinical care, advocate for better health in their patients and communities, conduct academic research, educate patients and their families on health conditions and options (and how to cope when an ailment doesn't go as... Read more

Measuring What Matters

April 30, 2015 // Comments image from

In 2013, an estimated 1.5 to 1.61 million patients received hospice services, and 1.1 million Americans spent their final days in hospice care. Hospice patients suffer from serious and progressive illnesses – such as heart disease, lung disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s. Whether they are cared for in their home (which... Read more

LGBT Health in Contemporary Society

April 11, 2015 // Comments image from

We’re celebrating National Public Health Week by featuring stories that highlight public health efforts across the University of Pennsylvania. One such initiative is the Penn Medicine Program for LGBT Health, founded by Baligh R. Yehia, MD, MPP, MSHP, an assistant professor in the division of Infectious Diseases and director of... Read more

Sleeping to Thrive

March 10, 2015 // Comments 256px-Alarm_Clocks_20101107a

There is a clear distinction between thriving and just getting by. During National Sleep Foundation’s Sleep Week, March 2-8, Sigrid Veasey, MD, professor of Medicine and member of the Center for Sleep and Circadian Neurobiology, discussed the role sleep plays in success and health in her talk, “Sleep to Thrive.”... Read more

Dreaming with a Healthy Heart

February 11, 2015 // Comments Collapsed-Airway-in-Sleep-Apnea-Patient

Throughout the month of February, affectionately known as American Heart Month, the News Blog highlights news and stories related to cardiovascular health from across Penn Medicine. Countless studies have proven that a lack of sleep is detrimental to your health in numerous ways, but how do sleep problems affect the... Read more

Can the United States Achieve Health Care Equity?

January 19, 2015 // Comments Db4_6306

As part of the Perelman School of Medicine’s 250th anniversary celebration, last week’s Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Health Equity Symposium treated a packed auditorium to a group of health disparity and policy experts who addressed the question, “Health Equity: A Dream or Achievable Goal?” The day featured a keynote... Read more

Penn Medicine CAREs for the Homeless and Disadvantaged this Holiday Season

December 19, 2014 // Comments

Though the city of Philadelphia has had some recent successes in helping the homeless, there are still many who need our help. At any given point in time, the city estimates there are around 650 people living on the streets, and every year, homeless outreach organizations, such as Project HOME,... Read more

Give Thanks for Healthy Sleep this Thanksgiving Weekend

November 24, 2014 // Comments image from

A traditional Thanksgiving is often filled with parades, football, long travel commutes, and sharing time with relatives and friends -- all culminating with a great feast in reflection of giving thanks. It’s this great feast – including a day of snacking and hors d'oeuvres, followed by a large dinner and... Read more

Ask an Expert: Dr. Puneet Masson, MD, Talks Vasectomies

November 4, 2014 // Comments Masson_Puneet_MD_32

Two years ago, a filmmaker and a physician created World Vasectomy Day, an annual observance on November 7 to increase patient awareness regarding vasectomies and make them more available in remote parts of the world. Now in its second year, this day has the support of more than 200 physicians... Read more

Forget Me Not

October 14, 2014 // Comments DSC_9129

Alzheimer’s disease is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States and the fourth leading cause of death among African Americans. Once patients have the disease, there is no treatment available that can stop its progression. The Penn Memory Center seeks to change that. Last month, the Penn... Read more

The Doctor Will See You (More Clearly) Now

September 24, 2014 // Comments Cormode

Radiologists regularly employ imaging methods, such as computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans, to help medical teams diagnose and treat disease. Seeing clear images of muscles, organs, and bones inside the body, often times via use of contrast agents, helps physicians diagnose patients earlier and avoid unnecessary... Read more

Making History and Progress with the National Veterans Wheelchair Games

August 25, 2014 // Comments image from

This year marked the 34th National Veterans Wheelchair Games—the largest games yet, with over 650 men and women competing in softball, quad rugby, basketball, power soccer, and other events in Philadelphia and South Jersey. I had the opportunity to attend part of the games a few weeks ago and see... Read more

Helping Others Get Back on Their Feet

August 4, 2014 // Comments image from

As the sun rose, shining warm upon the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the quiet stillness of a crisp, cool July morning was quickly overcome by hundreds of eager runners gearing up for the last leg of a 24-hour challenge that would intimidate even the most advanced athletes.... Read more

Education: A Professional and Personal Commitment

July 14, 2014 // Comments image from

As a workforce development consultant at Penn Medicine Academy, Kerry Nihill is passionate about creating opportunities. Through on-site degree programs, a learning ambassadors program, managing new employee orientation, workshops, and other initiatives, Nihill strives to help Penn Medicine employees reach their professional goals. Naturally, this dedication to helping others reach... Read more

New Group Program Teaches Self-Management Skills to Adults with ADHD

June 20, 2014 // Comments IMG_8295_1

Left to right: J. Russell Ramsay, PhD, Lisa Joy Tuttle, and Anthony Rostain, MD Jessica Berman is a real estate property manager who is pursuing her real estate license, while raising two children with her husband. Like eight million other adults in the United States, Jessica’s full schedule is regularly... Read more

Taking a Look "Inside Penn Medicine"

May 29, 2014 // Comments IPM-publications-blog-photo-new

Penn Medicine is a vibrant community of students and health-care professionals. Get a glimpse into what’s happening in this world of education, clinical care and research through our internal newsletters, located on the “Inside Penn Medicine” homepage and in print editions throughout UPHS. You can also subscribe to get news... Read more

An Anniversary to Remember

May 12, 2014 // Comments Photo

Debbie and Jack McColgan’s love for one another was evident to many at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP) well before the couple’s 38th wedding anniversary last month. At HUP for more than 100 days, Jack battles large B cell non Hodgkin’s lymphoma, with radiation, chemotherapy, and other... Read more

2014 Facts and Figures Shows Penn Medicine’s Expanding Footprint

March 28, 2014 // Comments Facts-cover-2014

In the 2014 edition of Penn Medicine’s annual Facts and Figures report, readers can find numerous achievements in research, education, and patient care from the past year. Highlights from this year’s text include Penn Medicine continuing as one of the nation’s top recipients of National Institutes of Health funding, the... Read more

Taking a Look “Inside Penn Medicine”

March 10, 2014 // Comments Publications

With more than 20,000 students and professionals dedicated to continuously building on successes in research, clinical care, and education, keeping up with the pulse of Penn Medicine can be a challenge. Our institutional newsletters, located on the “Inside Penn Medicine” homepage, in print editions throughout UPHS, and email inboxes, strive... Read more

Grand Rounds Teaches Nurses How to Care for Veterans “From War to Home”

February 13, 2014 // Comments image from

Earlier this month, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP) Nursing Grand Rounds hosted “From War to Home: Through the Veteran’s Lens.” Nurses are indeed on the front lines of transitions to civilian life for many of our nation’s veterans, and those braving wintry conditions to Stemmler Hall were treated... Read more

Science Fair Switcheroo: Third Graders Judge Neuroscience Projects at Penn

January 17, 2014 // Comments

While many third graders are just starting to learn how to read charts and graphs, understand the solar system, and make sense of other basic science and math concepts, nearly 200 third-graders from Saint Frances Cabrini Regional School and Saint Francis DeSales, West Philadelphia Achievement Charter School, and Academy at... Read more

The Best Gift this Holiday Season is Free

December 20, 2013 // Comments Blood-donation

While winter storms, vacation plans, shopping, family and friend gatherings, colds, flu, and other factors can fill a Holiday season, one crucial gift often goes overlooked. In fact, these factors, among others, demonstrate why donating blood is critical during traditionally low levels this time of year—and why the Blood Donation... Read more

Penn Medicine News Blog Remembers Veterans Day

November 11, 2013 // Comments IMG_2061

As our Nation takes a moment to salute and recognize the courageous men and women who served in our armed forces, the News Blog looks at Penn Medicine’s continuing support to one Philadelphia institution making a difference. On November 11, 1918, an armistice between Allied nations and Germany went into... Read more

Behind the Scenes of the Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgery Chosen by Dr. Drew

October 10, 2013 // Comments IMG_4757

On his HLN show “Dr. Drew On Call,” Dr. Drew Pinsky, famous for sharing advice on sexual health, addiction, and other issues on his numerous TV shows, recently chronicled his journey with prostate cancer. Drew’s story began with a prostate specific antigen (PSA) test, a urine check, and an ultrasound... Read more

A Purr-fect Match: “Pet the Pooch” Program Reunites Cancer Patient with Kitten after Weeks of Treatment

September 24, 2013 // Comments

HUP’s “Pet the Pooch” program brings adoptable dogs and kittens from the Pennsylvania SPCA to help soothe employee stress. In their latest visit, one lucky kitten found a new home. When two-year-old CHOP patient Sophie Vincent (from Charlottesville, VA) passed through with her mother on the way to radiation treatment...

Students Hit the Books and the Halls of the Hospital in Penn Medicine's Unique Career Prep Program for Students in West Philadelphia High Schools

September 6, 2013 // Comments Nahree-Anderson-Shanice-Jackson-Lorna-Taylor-and-Diane-Leichter-for-blog

Gathering for a recent ceremony celebrating this year’s graduating class, Penn Medicine staff, family members, community partners, and friends quickly learned what makes the comprehensive Penn Medicine High School Pipeline program a success every year. That success is measured in each and every student entering the program. Indeed, 100 percent... Read more

Penn Medicine CAREs Luncheon Recognizes Employee Community Service

July 26, 2013 // Comments

Earlier this month, UPHS CEO Ralph Muller, Susan Phillips, senior vice president for public affairs, and Judy Schueler, BS, MS, vice president, organizational development, chief human resources officer, joined Penn Medicine staff and friends for a luncheon recognizing this past year’s Penn Medicine CAREs grant recipients. Continuing its commitment to... Read more

Penn Medicine Nurses Teach West Philadelphia Residents Lifesaving CPR Skills

June 14, 2013 // Comments CPR-training-volunteers

Whether it’s a stranger going into cardiac arrest in a local mall or a larger scale tragedy like the recent bombings at the 2013 Boston Marathon, first response to those in need can be a matter of life and death. The American Heart Association says that “70 percent of Americans... Read more

Penn Medicine CAREs Grant Helps Prevent Youth Violence

May 8, 2013 // Comments IMG_0909

Most Penn Medicine CAREs grants expand existing programs or start new ones that support community health. In the case of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) Violence Intervention Program, a CAREs grant extends a program already making a difference that may not have received enough funding otherwise. After a young... Read more

Streamlining Cancer Care: Affordability and Accountability

May 3, 2013 // Comments

As policymakers, patients and healthcare clinicians begin to find their way through the maze of changes outlined and endorsed under the Affordable Care Act, some providers are calling for further restructuring to address what they call missed opportunities in the legislation. While the guidelines aim to improve the quality of... Read more

New Screening Offers More Prostate Cancer Treatment Options

April 15, 2013 // Comments Prostate-adenocarcinoma-from-wikimedia-commons

When news broke last July of the American Society for Clinical Oncology’s recommendation against PSA screening in many groups of men, Alan J. Wein, MD, professor and chief director, Division of Urology, shared his insight for the Penn Medicine News Blog. Wein noted that the test is worthwhile for some... Read more

Penn Medicine CAREs Grant Helps Care for More Patients at Puentes de Salud/Bridges of Health

March 7, 2013 // Comments Bonacci

Robert Bonacci’s passion for medical care for Latinos developed well before he entered medical school. As an undergraduate student, Bonacci studied Spanish and studied abroad in Argentina. Bonacci also studied tubercolosis epidemiology and tobacco use in Mexico on a Fulbright scholarship. Considering this background, this second year Perelman School of... Read more

2013 Facts and Figures Highlights a Year of Progress at Penn Medicine

February 27, 2013 // Comments Facts-and-figures

Penn Medicine continuously builds on its tradition of pioneering discoveries and innovations, excellence in training tomorrow’s physicians and scientists, and safe and compassionate patient care. Many of these advances are concisely outlined in the 2013 edition of Facts & Figures. Facts & Figures offers background information and quick information at... Read more

Erectile Dysfunction Can be a Sign of Coronary Heart Disease

February 5, 2013 // Comments

To celebrate February as American Heart Month, the News Blog is highlighting some of the latest heart-centric news and stories from all areas of Penn Medicine. Approximately one in five men aged 40 and older experience moderate to severe erectile dysfunction (ED). Now, a study published Jan. 29 in the... Read more

Penn Medicine Practices Provide Additional Care in their Communities During Holiday Season

December 28, 2012 // Comments Adopt-a-family-Christmas-2012-

Across Penn Medicine, practices continuously seek out ways to support their communities. During this season, those sites also aim to bring joy to patients and staff; some of whom may not be able to spend the holiday season with loved ones. Many Penn Medicine community practices, Clinical Care Associate practices,... Read more

Third Graders Evaluate Neuroscience Work

December 19, 2012 // Comments IMG_0737

When Maxine Hobson, program coordinator of Penn’s Biological Basis of Behavior program (BBB) invited schools to this year’s Penn KidsJudge! Neuroscience Fair, she explained that the third graders would not only be learning through hand-on activities, but they would also judge the work of Penn undergraduate and graduate students. One... Read more

Halloween Goes on at HUP's Intensive Care Nursery

November 1, 2012 // Comments IMG_0596

Hurricane Sandy’s impact on the Philadelphia region did not dampen the Halloween celebration at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania’s Intensive Care Nursery (ICN)! The Third Annual ICN Halloween Party provided a unique way for parents to celebrate the first Halloween of these tiny babies, many of whom were... Read more

Penn Medicine CAREs Grant Helps Fight Homelessness in South Jersey

October 15, 2012 // Comments Kris

"The moral test of a government is how it treats those who are at the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the aged; and those who are in the shadow of life, the sick, the needy, and the handicapped," said former U.S. Vice-President... Read more

Connecting Kids to Careers

September 24, 2012 // Comments Penn-Team

Janelle Harris, CNII, Jaime Thomas, CN IV, Maria Nicolas, CNII, Sitha Dy, CNS and Jocelyn Blaisdell, NM Two years ago, a group of HUP nurses on Ravdin 9, a surgical unit, joined the hospital-wide Community Outreach Committee. The committee would help the Hospital renew its prestigious nursing Magnet certification, but... Read more

A Strong Start for Kids When they Need it Most

September 11, 2012 // Comments Carpenter-and-Ambrose

It’s 8:30 a.m. at Infant Friendship Center (IFC) of the Montgomery Early Learning Centers (MELC). Already bustling with activity, storytime on one floor, kids learning letters and numbers in the next room, sing-a-longs on another floor, the center has been hopping since it opened at 7 a.m. Chris Ambrose, MELC... Read more

Art Meets Science in the Office of Biomedical Art and Design

August 31, 2012 // Comments Publications-design

Groundbreaking research at Penn Medicine improves quality of life for many and saves countless lives every day, so it is easy to imagine how presenting these critical studies in journals and to various audiences can always be a challenge. So, what is the most effective way to display complex medical... Read more

A New Vision for Better Eyesight in East Parkside

August 27, 2012 // Comments IMG_0259

(From left to right: Hugh Hamilton, Peter Chansky, Ranjoo Prasad, OD, and Douglas Worrall) Serving the East Parkside community since 1995, the United Community Clinic (UCC) draws from skills and resources of students and staff from the Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, and Social Work to offer many free critical... Read more

Penn Medicine Mother and Daughter Part of HERO Team

August 16, 2012 // Comments Wanda-Rogers,-RN-Aliya-Rogers,-RN-BSN-Darlene-Andrews,-LPN-and-Dolores-Stanford,-RN

From Left to Right: Wanda Rogers, RN; Aliya Rogers, RN BSN; Darlene Andrews, LPN; and Dolores Stanford, RN. Aliya Rogers, RN, BSN, is well versed in Hospice care. As a nurse case manager at Penn Wissahickon Hospice, Rogers manages a census of hospice or pre-hospice patients, including visiting them three... Read more

ASCO Recommendations Continue the Debate on PSA Testing

July 24, 2012 // Comments

After the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recently recommended against routine prostate screening for most men, the American Society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO) says that some of those groups could benefit from regular testing, the Associated Press reports. As the debate on PSA testing continues, Alan Wein, MD,...

From West Philadelphia to Haiti

July 24, 2012 // Comments P1000987

Top row- left to right-Jean Thelisma, Beth Attig, Kim Wooding, Karla McIntosh Bottom row-Marisse Thelisma, Johanne Louis, Michelle Edwards, Mitza Jeune Since its start in 2004, the Vermase Foundation, a faith-based non-profit relief organization based out of Upper Darby, provides food, medicine, clothing and other necessities to those facing famine,... Read more

“Pelvic Floor Disorders Are A Common -- But Often Hidden – Struggle”

July 9, 2012 // Comments

Pelvic floor disorders are not always easy to discuss, particularly as the three most common types of pelvic floor disorders are urinary incontinence (lack of bladder control), fecal incontinence (lack of bowel control), and pelvic organ prolapse (the uterus, bladder and/or bowel may fall into the vaginal area). At the... Read more

Service Link at Sayre Removes Barriers to Medical Care in the Community

June 27, 2012 // Comments IMG_0095

Service Link at Sayre Removes Barriers to Medical Care in the Community Located at 59th and Locust, The Dr. Bernett L. Johnson Jr. Sayre Health Center is a full-service, primary care health facility serving the needs of West Philadelphia residents since it opened in 2005. Like many health care providers... Read more

Perelman School of Medicine School Students Put New Skills Into Action Serving West Philadelphia Community

June 7, 2012 // Comments IMG_0021

First row: Jessica Zha, Lova Sun, Pandora Chua, Nancy Aitcheson Second row: Vishal Arora, Ben Ranard, John E. Nawn, Alex Rosen Service to the community goes hand-in-hand with becoming a practicing physician, and it shines through the medical clinic operated by Perelman School of Medicine students at the University City... Read more

Reiki Therapy Sees Early Success at Penn Wissahickon Hospice

May 16, 2012 // Comments Sharon-Civa-two

Last year, Sharon Civa, Entity Information Officer, Corporate Information Services, had a lifelong family friend who was admitted to the inpatient hospice unit at Penn Medicine at Rittenhouse. During the month that her friend was in the unit, Civa often visited and admired the work of the team caring for...

Sink or Swim Program Helps Uninsured and Underinsured Patients Pay for Lifesaving Treatment

April 20, 2012 // Comments Sinkorswim

(from l to r: Sandra Kaplan, Jason Cohn, Harry Fisher, Kimberly Fisher, Hayley Fisher, Marion Leary, Jessica Dine, and Erin Sweeney) Hailey is a five-year-old preschooler who loves Disney princesses, dolls, dressing up, Spongebob SquarePants and Mickey Mouse. Hailey is also a voracious learner and is always asking questions. One... Read more

Peer Support Group Helps Amputation Patients Find Their Way

April 5, 2012 // Comments 120329_0001-(2)

William Fahringer and Christopher Gorrell, PT, DPT In 2005, William Fahringer tore his meniscus – the piece of cartilage that acts as a shock absorber for the bones that come together to form the knee -- while working as a plumber for the School District of Philadelphia. What seemed like... Read more

Big Help for Parents of the Smallest Babies

March 9, 2012 // Comments Zion-Isiah-Pygum

Born February 22, at 32 weeks of pregnancy, weighing only four pounds, six ounces, young Xion Isiah Pygum experiences many of the same issues found in other babies who are born too soon. But he’s making great progress in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the Hospital of the... Read more

Perelman School of Medicine Student is a Surgical Top Gun

February 15, 2012 // Comments IMG_1435

Perelman School of Medicine student Dan Hashimoto recently made Penn Medicine proud when he claimed the top spot in the Top Gun Laparoscopic Skills Challenge at the annual Clinical Congress of the American College of Surgeons (ACS). Hashimoto defeated a chief resident and a third year surgical resident from another... Read more

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