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What SEPTA, the Pope, and Social Media Can Teach Us

By Robert Press | July 18, 2016 | Comments Septa

The first time I took the train from Trenton into Philadelphia for work here at Penn Medicine, I remember staring out the window, awestruck like a small child. The woods and suburbs of Pennsylvania flew by, and I thought to myself, Wow, there's no way this ever gets old. It... Read more

The Dickens Tradition

By John Shea | May 6, 2016 | Comments Helen Dickens

Helen O. Dickens, left, in 1975 Trailblazer. Heroine. Exemplar. These are just some of the descriptive names that can be applied to Helen O. Dickens, MD, who joined Penn’s department of Obstetrics and Gynecology in 1956 and was the first female black board-certified OB/GYN practitioner in Philadelphia. Among her other... Read more

“Penn Village” Sets up Camp Again at 2016’s Philly Science Festival

By Karen Kreeger | April 15, 2016 | Comments Headphones

The Philadelphia Science Festival kicks off on April 22, and Penn Medicine will again play a leading role in the sixth annual city-wide event that showcases science and technology from all corners of the Delaware Valley. The Festival packs more than 90 events into nine days at diverse locations across... Read more

Penn Medicine’s New Issue: The Power of Partnership

By John Shea | April 8, 2016 | Comments image from

Although Penn Medicine magazine has often run articles on the work of physicians and researchers at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia who are associated with the Perelman School of Medicine, this issue’s cover story is perhaps the first to look more broadly at the longstanding relationship between the two institutions.... Read more

Cleaning up Philadelphia, for the Betterment of Everyone

By Paul Foster | October 28, 2015 | Comments Branas_large

On the list of poverty-stricken cities in the United States, Philadelphia consistently ranks near the top. At the end of last year, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that of the 10 biggest cities in the country, Philadelphia had the highest proportion of its population in so-called “deep poverty,” living on an... Read more

A Weekend Inside the Pope-rimeter at Penn Medicine (Slideshow)

By Robert Press | October 2, 2015 | Comments

So the Pope came to town. Dunno if you heard. Pope Francis's historic visit to Philadelphia was an uneventful kind of eventful — which is to say that based on crowd estimates for the historic event, we here at Penn Medicine were prepared for an enormous surge of patients speaking... Read more

5K Supports Aging Research at Penn Medicine (Slideshow)

By Lee-Ann Donegan | September 23, 2015 | Comments

The 4th Annual 5K for Penn’s Institute on Aging (IOA) is now in the record books. Last Sunday, 435 committed Penn Medicine faculty, staff and friends and families of those affected by age-related diseases were up early on a windy, late summer morning to run and walk to raise money... Read more

Bet You Didn’t Spend Your Weekend Like This

By Abbey Anderson | September 16, 2015 | Comments

How did you spend your weekend? At the beach or the pool? Perhaps you hosted a barbeque. Or maybe you spent it sleeping on the floor of a professional sports arena next to a few thousand strangers. If you participated in the 2015 PennApps Hackathon, that’s exactly how you would... Read more

2015 Philadelphia Science Festival Recap (Slide Show)

By Karen Kreeger | May 15, 2015 | Comments

The fifth annual Philadelphia Science Festival is now a happy memory for all who participated, yet the creativity, as well as knowledge of science that Penn Medicine faculty, staff, and students shared with the public, will last until the next festival. Penn Med took part in many activities all over...

The New Avengers: Lab-Coated Heroes Honored for Behind-the-Scenes Contributions

By Karen Kreeger | May 5, 2015 | Comments Lab week 2015 logo

Late last month Penn Medicine observed the fortieth Medical Laboratory Professionals Week, a time to recognize the hard work and dedication of the 600-plus lab professionals in more than 30 laboratories across the health system. Read more

Penn Medicine at the 2015 Philadelphia Science Festival

By Karen Kreeger | April 9, 2015 | Comments 2014 Carnival Penn village tents

Penn Medicine will again play a leading role in the fifth annual Philadelphia Science Festival, a citywide collaboration showcasing science and technology every spring. The Festival packs more than 100 events into nine days at locations across the region, including restaurants and breweries, parks, libraries, and museums. Read more

A Peek Under the Counter of Pennsylvania Hospital’s New Outpatient Pharmacy

By Olivia Fermano | April 7, 2015 | Comments New OtPt Pharm_6

Apothecary. Drug Store. Pharmacy. No matter what you call them, they do the same, vitally important thing: prepare and dispense medicine. Over the course of time the local pharmacy has become a community staple, expanding to provide more and more health care and retail services. And in today’s world, hospital... Read more

2015 Facts & Figures: The Nuts and Bolts of Penn Medicine

By Paul Foster | March 17, 2015 | Comments FactsFiguresCover

Did you know that Penn Medicine has a $6.5 billion impact on the state of Pennsylvania each year? Or that it maintains nearly 2,000 licensed hospital beds to care for patients throughout the greater Philadelphia region? The latest edition of Penn Medicine’s 2015 Facts & Figures has been released and...

Doing Both His Families Proud!

By Olivia Fermano | March 11, 2015 | Comments Joshua_Trovato_HK_2015

Anyone who works at a hospital, especially one that has been operating in virtually the same location for the past almost 264 years, will come to realize two things: Hospitals truly are pillars of the communities in which they’re located and serve, providing medical care, economic support and stable employment... Read more

What We've Been Up To: January and February, in Pictures

By Robert Press | February 21, 2015 | Comments

If you feel like you've seen an awful lot of "Hey, check out some shots from the grand opening of [insert massive medical facility here]!" lately, that's because, well ... yeah, we've been opening a whole bunch of new space. In just the past few months we've celebrated the opening... Read more

Removing Barriers to Breast Cancer Care

By Olivia Fermano | February 13, 2015 | Comments image from

I overheard a breast cancer patient once say: There is only one thing worse than having cancer – not being able to afford it. Sobering. Financial cost remains a barrier to cancer screenings - let alone cancer treatment - among lower income women. While multiple factors contribute to racial and... Read more

The Trend: More than a Twitter Sidebar

By Robert Press | December 5, 2014 | Comments image from

I've always found one of the most fascinating aspects of social media to be its Hemingway-like quest to pack as much information into as small a space as possible. What started with Xanga and LiveJournal — two of the many longform blogging platforms us angsty teenagers of the early 2000s... Read more

Providing a Place to Give Thanks

By Olivia Fermano | November 27, 2014 | Comments Becker

The Chicago Tribune recently ran an article, "Drama at the holiday table: It's not about the food," that made the rounds to newspapers all across the U.S. in anticipation of Thanksgiving, the official kick-off holiday of the season. The story explores the source of drama behind so many meals as... Read more

Penn Medicine Day in the Life 2014

By Robert Press | November 12, 2014 | Comments

It’s fall, and with fall come a few annual traditions: the leaves changing color, pumpkin spice everything, Christmas decorations a full two months early, and — most relevant to us here at Penn Medicine — the Day in the Life project. It’s a yearly visual documentation of life here at... Read more

Ebola Virus Disease: The Facts Are Important

By Holly Auer | November 6, 2014 | Comments SLP_1734- Brennan

Patrick J. Brennan, MD, is the Chief Medical Officer of the University of Pennsylvania Health System. He is an infectious disease physician and a former director of tuberculosis control for the Philadelphia Department of Public Health. In this guest post, he writes to share important information about the Ebola virus... Read more

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