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2014 Facts and Figures Shows Penn Medicine’s Expanding Footprint

By Greg Richter // March 28, 2014 // Comments Facts-cover-2014

In the 2014 edition of Penn Medicine’s annual Facts and Figures report, readers can find numerous achievements in research, education, and patient care from the past year. Highlights from this year’s text include Penn Medicine continuing as one of the nation’s top recipients of National Institutes of Health funding, the... Read more

Taking a Look "Inside Penn Medicine"

By Sally Sapega // March 27, 2014 // Comments IPM publications blog photo

Penn Medicine is a vibrant community of students and health-care professionals. Get a glimpse into what’s happening in this world of education, clinical care and research through our internal newsletters, located on the “Inside Penn Medicine” homepage and in print editions throughout UPHS. You can also subscribe to get news... Read more

Relieving the Burden

By Lee-Ann Donegan // March 26, 2014 // Comments

It sounds like a provocative idea for a health care practitioner: Frank Leone, MD, MS, and his team call themselves “pro-smoker.” That’s because smoking, he says, is a disease – one that should be treated with compassion and evidence-based therapies like any other. “Getting people to quit is good for... Read more

Match Day 2014: "Episode IV: A New Hope"

By Steve Graff // March 25, 2014 // Comments Karthik

"Match Day has come and gone." In his final post, medical student Karthik Muthuswamy tells us how Match Day played out for him, and where he's heading for his residency training. Congrats to Karthik and all the students! And if you've never experienced Match Day at the Perelman School Medicine,... Read more

Passing Wisdom On

By John Shea // March 21, 2014 // Comments image from

In a medical school as historic and intellectually demanding as Penn’s, it’s no surprise that the students occasionally seek some kind of alternative activity. Some of these activities continue to be based on their usual interests and concerns. The annual Spoof, combining music and comedy, comes to mind. In the... Read more

Oxygen in our Bones

By Karen Kreeger // March 20, 2014 // Comments Vinogradov Nature image

Working with many colleagues, a Penn team published in Nature the first application of 2PLM to directly quantify the physiological environment of blood stem cells, called haematopoietic stem cells, or HSCs. Read more

Match Day 2014: "Episode 2--The Middle Chapter"

By Steve Graff // March 18, 2014 // Comments image from

This year for our annual Match Day blog series, Karthik Muthuswamy will be sharing his thoughts and perspective on his own Match Day experience. Check back throughout the week for new posts! Episode 2--The Middle Chapter "So I pull out my phone and there it was: a new email..." By:... Read more

Beyond the Ivory Tower: Penn’s Neuroscience Grad Students Reach Out During Brain Week, and Beyond

By Karen Kreeger // March 18, 2014 // Comments NGG KidsJudge 2013 Synpatic Land

Philadelphia is a cerebral city this spring. To start, every March, Brain Awareness Week brings together institutions worldwide to celebrate the brain. Read more

2014 Match Day at Perelman School of Medicine: "Episode I (The Prequel)"

By Steve Graff // March 17, 2014 // Comments Karthik_m_Cropped

It happens every March here at the Perelman School of Medicine. Graduating medical students come together for “Match Day” with their classmates and wait for the envelope that will tell them where they are headed for their residency training. This year for our annual Match Day blog series, Karthikeyan Muthuswamy...

From Red Carpet to Canvas

By Olivia Fermano // March 17, 2014 // Comments LaryCampbell&BethDunn - Full

Creative Nurses Care Beyond the Bedside “It takes a special type of person to be a nurse.” If I had a dollar for how many times I’ve heard someone say that… It is an expression I believe to be true. It also seems to me it just isn’t enough for... Read more

OncoLink Celebrates 20 Years!

By Steve Graff // March 14, 2014 // Comments Oncolink-108

Creator Joel Goldwein, MD, Honored with “Visionary Award” at Anniversary Event Before there was Yahoo or Google, there was OncoLink—one of the first web sites to provide to cancer information, or really any information, on the internet. And it started right here at Penn Medicine. Today, 20 years later, it’s... Read more

New Art Installation Illustrates DNA Repair and Celebrates Hope for Patients and Families Carrying BRCA Mutations

By Katie Delach // March 13, 2014 // Comments image from

Penn Medicine's Basser Research Center for BRCA Unveils Homologous Hope Sculpture On Wednesday, the University of Pennsylvania’s Basser Research Center for BRCA hosted a special event to formally unveil “Homologous Hope,” a new sculpture suspended from the glass atrium in the Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine. The large-scale piece was... Read more

The Gift of Life Blossoms into Friendship

By Sally Sapega // March 12, 2014 // Comments Wendy and meghan

There was no reason for Meghan Shaffer and Wendy Hancock to know each other. After all, they had nothing in common. Wendy lived in Pennsylvania and had recently given birth. Meghan was a young nursing student at the University of Michigan. But Fate had other plans for them. How It... Read more

Taking a Look “Inside Penn Medicine”

By Greg Richter // March 10, 2014 // Comments Publications

With more than 20,000 students and professionals dedicated to continuously building on successes in research, clinical care, and education, keeping up with the pulse of Penn Medicine can be a challenge. Our institutional newsletters, located on the “Inside Penn Medicine” homepage, in print editions throughout UPHS, and email inboxes, strive... Read more

Another Wound Bites the Dust - All-Star Team Treats Chronic and Complex Wounds

By Kim Menard // March 7, 2014 // Comments

The new Penn Center for Wound Healing and Reconstruction – to treat people dealing with unrelenting wounds – aims to simplify the process by bringing a cadre of specialists together, centering around patient needs.

Forget the Groundhog, Penn Medicine Health Screenings Show Spring is on the Way

By Katie Delach // March 7, 2014 // Comments image from

PPMC volunteers with Bishop Grant of the Time for Healing Ministries The weather outside might still be pretty frightful, but Penn Medicine faculty and staff have already started holding their annual health screenings and community health fairs, and that’s a sure-fire sign that spring is on the way! This past...

Transcription Factors Key to Using T Cells Against Cancer, Chronic Infection

By Karen Kreeger // March 6, 2014 // Comments Wherry BATF spiral blog post Mar 14

Business is brisk in the lab of John Wherry and his team from the Department of Microbiology and the Institute for Immunology for papers on killer and helper T cells. Two studies -- bound by their focus on transcription factors important in the immune response – have come out of the lab in the last few weeks. And, they both identify potential new targets for cancer immunotherapies. Read more

Penn Medicine: Caring for Philly’s Hometown Team

By Lee-Ann Donegan // March 3, 2014 // Comments image from

Athletics has been in the news lately, with the recent Olympic Games. For a fortnight, we watched as triumphant athletes celebrate the highest highs and ascended the medals podium to claim their reward. But as skiers tumbled down mountains, snowboarders navigated the half pipe, sometimes within inches of their life,... Read more

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