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Penn Medicine CAREs Luncheon Recognizes Employee Community Service

By Greg Richter // July 26, 2013 // Comments

Earlier this month, UPHS CEO Ralph Muller, Susan Phillips, senior vice president for public affairs, and Judy Schueler, BS, MS, vice president, organizational development, chief human resources officer, joined Penn Medicine staff and friends for a luncheon recognizing this past year’s Penn Medicine CAREs grant recipients. Continuing its commitment to... Read more

Could an Ounce of Prevention Actually Cause Harm?

By Katie Delach // July 26, 2013 // Comments Mehta & Stanton

David Stanton, MD, DMD, and Samir Mehta, MD, principal investigators on Penn Medicine's Bisphosphonate Biomarkers Trial We’ve all seen the TV commercials in which a fabulous Hollywood-mom actress talks to us about the dangers of weakening bones, and the small pills or chewable capsules we can take to avoid common...

Cycling for Cancer and Zebrafish

By Karen Kreeger // July 25, 2013 // Comments Dutko after race Blog image July 13

James Dutko, PhD, a postdoctoral researcher at the Perelman School of Medicine in the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, spent a hot Sunday morning earlier this month cycling in the 41st annual Philadelphia Bike-a-Thon, an annual fundraising event for the American Cancer Society. Read more

Fast, Hot and Ready: Penn Experts Deliver CPR to Your Door

By Jessica Mikulski // July 24, 2013 // Comments Cpr launch

Participants learn CPR at the Mobile CPR Project – Hartford kick-off event. In the U.S. each year, over 300,000 adults will suffer a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). More than 90 percent of these victims will die before they reach the hospital, but immediate CPR can double or triple a victim’s... Read more

A Look Back, in Photos: The Past Two Months or So Around Penn Medicine

By Robert Press // July 16, 2013 // Comments

Though my Penn Medicine ID card says 'Digital Communications Editor,' I've worn a few hats here — including in-house photographer. Because it's an aspect of the job that I love, I'd like to share some of the photos I've taken over the past month or so, giving readers a glimpse... Read more

Breaking Down the Barriers to Medication Adherence

By Sally Sapega // July 12, 2013 // Comments MPP 003

“Drugs don’t work in patients who don’t take them.” — C. Everett Koop, MD Medication non-adherence -– ie, not taking essential medications or not taking them as prescribed -– can lead to serious outcomes and, as a result, readmissions to hospitals. Indeed, in this country, nearly one in five hospital... Read more

Lessons from Across the Pond: Should Radiologists be the Gatekeepers of Medical Imaging?

By Steve Graff // July 5, 2013 // Comments Jha3486

Big changes are coming to the US health care system—some in response to the mounting scrutiny of medical imaging. New task force recommendations, the Choosing Wisely campaign, and Affordable Care Act policies are all attempting to curtail overtesting—with CT scans, MRIs and any other screening often ordered unnecessarily—that can drive... Read more

What's the Use of Narrative?

By John Shea // July 3, 2013 // Comments

In certain circles, narrative has always been its own reward. But there are other surroundings in which narrative is seen as a poor substitute for something else, for something more . . . serious. In recent years, more medical professionals have embraced narrative, while others continue to regard it with... Read more

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