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5 Things to “Remember” About Alzheimer’s Disease

By Kim Menard // June 28, 2013 // Comments

Neurological diseases are a bit intimidating to talk about – the last time most of us thought about axons and neurotransmitters, we were in high school biology – so in an effort to make the science a little easier to digest, we're going to make an effort to start trying... Read more

The New Adventures of Hayley Goldbach (’15): A Week in Haiti

By Steve Graff // June 25, 2013 // Comments Cropped-img_07061

Before she fully dives into the communications piece of the NBC News Global Health and Media Fellowship (next stop: India), Perelman School of Medicine student Hayley Goldbach scrubbed in for a few procedures at the L’Hopital Bernard Mevs in Haiti. In a second blog post for this series, Hayley shares... Read more

Opening Science Career Doors Early On

By Karen Kreeger // June 24, 2013 // Comments Kareema Dixon May 2013

As a ninth grader at Northern Liberties’ Bodine High School for International Affairs, Kareema Dixon took part in the BioEYES program developed by Jamie Shuda, EdD, Director of Life Science Outreach at the Institute for Regenerative Medicine (IRM), Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania. Little did she know that...

Bringing Trauma Care and Research Into Focus

By Jessica Mikulski // June 21, 2013 // Comments Trauma_Injury_button

While many people carefully research and review which doctors they choose to see for conditions such as cancer and heart disease, most people rarely think about the doctors and nurses that will care for them after a sudden injury brings them to a hospital trauma bay. Over the last two... Read more

An Important Early Lesson for Tomorrow’s Health-Care Providers

By Sally Sapega // June 19, 2013 // Comments

Team work. It’s a part of all successful organizations. But nowhere is this combined effort more essential than in the medical field, where health-care professionals working as a team -- instead of in side-by-side silos -– open lines of communication and, as a result, improve patient care. Throughout the University... Read more

Penn Medicine Nurses Teach West Philadelphia Residents Lifesaving CPR Skills

By Greg Richter // June 14, 2013 // Comments CPR-training-volunteers

Whether it’s a stranger going into cardiac arrest in a local mall or a larger scale tragedy like the recent bombings at the 2013 Boston Marathon, first response to those in need can be a matter of life and death. The American Heart Association says that “70 percent of Americans... Read more


By Katie Delach // June 12, 2013 // Comments Zach sobiech

Doctors search for new ways to solve the puzzle of a rare bone cancer Zach Sobiech (Image courtesy of YouTube) Recently, the world watched as 18-year-old Zach Sobiech transformed from a high school student living with cancer, to a rock star, living his dream of recording music and embracing his... Read more

From Haiti to 30 Rock: The New Adventures of Hayley Goldbach (’15)

By Steve Graff // June 11, 2013 // Comments Hayley goldbach

We first met—and followed—Penn Medicine medical student Hayley Goldbach (M’15) almost two years ago when she blogged about her experiences in Botswana, as part of the Botswana-UPenn Partnership. We got a peek at her work at the dermatology clinic and what’s it like to study vulvar cancer in HIV positive... Read more

The Gift of Surviving Cancer and Giving Back

By Olivia Fermano // June 7, 2013 // Comments Ginny and Brealey 001

She’s a striking blond. Attractive, warm, funny, caring, and always smiling. He’s also a striking blond – and warm and caring and funny – and seems to always be smiling as well. “She” is Ginny Fineberg, a youthful looking 64 year old cancer survivor. And “he” is her self-proclaimed “Momma’s... Read more

Tackling the Cancer and Aging Conundrum

By Kim Menard // June 4, 2013 // Comments IMG_9365

Penn’s Institute on Aging recently co-hosted its annual Sylvan M. Cohen lecture and poster session. This year, in partnership with the Abramson Cancer Center‘s Tumor Biology Program, the event focused on “protecting the genome in the longevity revolution: cancer and aging.” Brian Duke, Pennsylvania Secretary for Aging, set the stage... Read more

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