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Celebrating the Work of Medical Laboratory Professionals

By Karen Kreeger // April 30, 2013 // Comments Lab Week 2013 Poster Winner

To show its gratitude to all laboratory professionals, the department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine celebrated Medical Laboratory Professionals Week April 22-26, with a host of activities, such as Phillies Night, in appreciation of all the hard work and dedication of the hundreds of staff and faculty members working in more than 30 different laboratories across the Penn campus. Read more

Robots to the Rescue: Penn Medicine Pioneers New Way to Treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea

By Jessica Mikulski // April 30, 2013 // Comments Dr. Thaler

Can sleeping actually make you MORE tired? For many patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), they awake each morning thinking they had a full night’s rest, only to feel exhausted and unfocused day after day. This counterintuitive situation occurs because OSA sufferers may wake up dozens of times an hour... Read more

Boston Tragedy Highlights Need to Implement Effective PTSD Therapies

By Steve Graff // April 26, 2013 // Comments Foa 2010 diCarlo

The recent events in Boston remind us how important it is to help people, children and families affected by such tragedies get the most effective mental health treatments out there. The good news is, over the years, evidence-based therapies (EBT), like prolonged exposure therapy, where patients with posttraumatic stress disorder... Read more

A Look Back, in Photos: The Past Month or So Around Penn Medicine

By Robert Press // April 25, 2013 // Comments IMG_0779

In a previous post, I noted that most of my work as Digital Communications Editor takes place online, rarely expanding beyond the reaches of my keyboard. But that was five months ago, and six months since I got my first in-depth view of the whole Penn Medicine enterprise while shooting... Read more

Center for Brain Injury and Repair Presence at Philadelphia Science Festival Reaches Science Enthusiasts of all Ages

By Karen Kreeger // April 22, 2013 // Comments PSF 2013 Carnival Brain Tent 1 cropped

This year the Center for Brain Injury and Repair is reaching audiences of all stripes at the Philadelphia Science Festival, with their message of how to mind your brain from concussions with hand-on demos. Read more

Emotional First Aid for 'Second Victims'

By Sally Sapega // April 19, 2013 // Comments Second victim photo

A trauma nurse faces the tragic loss of a young patient close to his own son’s age. A transporter must bring an infant who died in the Neo-ICU down to the morgue. A pharmacist hears that his patient had an anaphylactic reaction to a medication. He discovers the medication allergy... Read more

Unfit for Duty? Blame Mom

By John Shea // April 18, 2013 // Comments

It was a book that was excerpted in The Saturday Evening Post, featured in Time magazine, reviewed enthusiastically in Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, and recommended by Archives of Neurology and Psychiatry. It earned mixed reviews in The Journal of the American Medical Association and... Read more

Truckin’ Molecular Motors: The Tilt and Wobble of Myosin-V

By Karen Kreeger // April 17, 2013 // Comments Goldman Biophysical Journal cover Mar 13

The labs of senior authors Yale E. Goldman, and Erika L.F. Holzbaur, both in the Physiology department, have been studying molecular motors for close to a combined five decades

Gadgets to Seamlessly Integrate Health Apps Into Daily Life

By Kim Menard // April 16, 2013 // Comments David-bill-intouch

In early April, Penn Medicine hosted a fast-paced lightning round of presentations highlighting new and emerging technology being used inside and outside the Health System that may help patients and medical professionals alike. “Connected health” is about continuous sensing and monitoring to enable early detection, diagnosis and intervention, and improving outcomes at lower cost. Alternating between internal and external projects, the presenters brought their best ideas and applications to share, explaining how these new devices fit within the existing health care system and, in some cases, how they stretch the boundaries and may change the way healthcare is delivered. Read more

Penn to Celebrate Big Ideas in Science at the 3rd Annual Philadelphia Science Festival

By Karen Kreeger // April 16, 2013 // Comments PSF logo 2013

Penn’s signature event at the 3rd annual Philadelphia Science Festival next week is a sure sign of the times. “Big Ideas: Funding and Innovation” draws on current themes and reminders of where the bright ideas really come from.

“We Found a Change In Your DNA And We Don’t Know What it Means” – Questions and Challenges in the Era of Massively Parallel Gene Sequencing

By Holly Auer // April 15, 2013 // Comments Basser image

Women who develop breast cancer while they’re young are often searching for answers about the cause for their disease or what they can do to improve their chances of being cured. While an increasing number of large genetic testing panels promise to scrutinize their DNA to uncover clues, a team of researchers from the Perelman School of Medicine and the Abramson Cancer Center has found that those powerful tests tend to produce more questions than they answer. Read more

New Screening Offers More Prostate Cancer Treatment Options

By Greg Richter // April 15, 2013 // Comments Prostate-adenocarcinoma-from-wikimedia-commons

When news broke last July of the American Society for Clinical Oncology’s recommendation against PSA screening in many groups of men, Alan J. Wein, MD, professor and chief director, Division of Urology, shared his insight for the Penn Medicine News Blog. Wein noted that the test is worthwhile for some... Read more

Wining and Dining for Women’s Health

By Katie Delach // April 12, 2013 // Comments Wine and Dine 1

From left: Janet Rocchio, RN, MBA, Danielle Burkland, MD, Catherine Salva, MD, and Celeste Durnwald, MD, attend last week's first annual Wine and Dine for Women's Health event On Tuesday, April 9, local residents, sponsors, and 16 of Philadelphia’s best-known restaurants joined forces in the city’s first ever Wine and... Read more

Penn Student Policy Group Takes Impactful, Concise Message to DC

By Steve Graff // April 12, 2013 // Comments Groupv2

Back in December, when the chatter about budget cuts to the National Institutes of Health started getting louder, Penn PhD students Michael Allegrezza and Shaun O’Brien decided it was time to join the conversation and advocate. They wanted to bring that on-the-ground scientist voice into the mix but knew it... Read more

First University-Wide Media Training Brings Scientists and the Media Together

By Jessica Mikulski // April 10, 2013 // Comments

A scientist's life is a busy one, and sometimes it can include interacting with the news media to share the findings of their research. But talking to reporters is not something most scientists learn in school. The first Penn Media Training Workshop, aimed at science and medical faculty from across... Read more

High-Quality Nursing Equals High-Quality Patient Care

By Sally Sapega // April 9, 2013 // Comments Rhoads 5 gold beacon cropped

Members of Rhoads 5 SICU, winners of the Gold Beacon Award Nurses make up the single largest segment of the health-care work force, providing 95 percent of direct care to hospitalized patients. So it’s not surprising that the higher the quality of a hospital’s nursing staff, the better the patient... Read more

Penn Med at the 2013 Philadelphia Science Festival

By Karen Kreeger // April 8, 2013 // Comments PSF logo 2013

Penn Medicine will play a starring role in the Philadelphia Science Festival again this year. The Festival is a citywide collaboration showcasing science and technology every April. This year it runs from April 19 - 28, 10 days to celebrate the region’s strengths in science and technology, bringing together more than 100 partners from academia to museums to restaurants. Read more

Penn Medicine CAREs Grant Helps Bring Healthy Living Education to Seniors

By Olivia Fermano // April 3, 2013 // Comments PAH Pharm CAREs gran recips pic

Officially our nation’s first hospital, Pennsylvania Hospital has been a stalwart pillar of its surrounding Philadelphia community since its founding in 1751. No wonder than, with over two and a half centuries of history and continuous service behind it, the hospital inspires its employees to “give back” to the community.... Read more

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