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Defining the Traits of Transmitted HIV-1 to Make Better Vaccines

By Karen Kreeger // March 29, 2013 // Comments HIV Red Ribbon by Trygve.u Mar 13

Knowing the traits of HIV-1 strains capable of establishing new infections could be important for AIDS vaccine development. Read more

Penn Medicine at the Forefront of the Quest to Cure Cancer

By Holly Auer // March 27, 2013 // Comments Time cover 2

Cover image via This week’s TIME magazine makes an eye-catching, bold proclamation. HOW TO CURE CANCER, the cover reads, with a subhead previewing the story contained inside: “Yes, it’s now possible – thanks to new cancer dream teams that are delivering better results faster.” Much of that team science... Read more

Community Health Workers Deployed to Support Vulnerable Penn Medicine Patients

By Kim Menard // March 26, 2013 // Comments

Last week, a fleet of community health workers fanned out to help patients in need of some extra support, as part of an ambitious new Penn Medicine program that brings relatable neighbors and peers on board to help vulnerable Penn Medicine patients navigate the medical system and address underlying causes of illness. Read more

“A Whirlwind of Emotion, Excitement, and Celebration” - Post Match Day Reflections and New Beginnings

By Jessica Mikulski // March 19, 2013 // Comments Koles_Match

In their final post, Jon and Martha Kole, fourth year students at the Perelman School of Medicine, reveal how Match Day unfolded and where they will be heading for their residencies. Congrats to all the students and check out the photo series from this year's ceremony! Jon and Martha on... Read more

Match Day 2013: "The Day is Upon Us"

By Jessica Mikulski // March 15, 2013 // Comments SLP0519

Match Day is here! At the stroke of noon, 161 Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania students (77 women and 84 men) will gather in an emotion-filled ceremony to open their “residency placement” envelopes and learn where they will spend the next few years receiving their advanced... Read more

Spring Fever at the 2013 Philadelphia Science Festival

By Karen Kreeger // March 15, 2013 // Comments PSF logo

The Center for Brain Injury and Repair will again participate in Science Day at the Ball Park, as part of the 2013 Philadelphia Science Festival

Pharmacists on the Front Line of Care

By Sally Sapega // March 14, 2013 // Comments Medication sign

Penn Medicine has set a goal to eliminate preventable readmissions within seven days after patients are discharged from the hospital at its three hospitals by July 1, 2014. Since the kick-off of this effort in 2011, a number of initiatives have successfully reduced these readmissions but a key component in... Read more

Are These the Medical Leaders of the Future?

By John Shea // March 12, 2013 // Comments

For an organization created in 1902, Alpha Omega Alpha is still going strong. That was certainly how it seemed last month when the Perelman School of Medicine inducted 31 members of the Class of 2013 –- and, in the special segment of the ceremony, one member of the faculty, Benoit... Read more

2013 Match Day at the Perelman School of Medicine: Waiting for Match Day Together

By Jessica Mikulski // March 11, 2013 // Comments IMG_0079

On Friday, March 15, 2013 at noon, fourth year medical students at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania will learn where they are headed for their residency training, marking the transition from medical school into a lifetime of healing. This year, students Jon and Martha Kole... Read more

Penn Medicine CAREs Grant Helps Care for More Patients at Puentes de Salud/Bridges of Health

By Greg Richter // March 7, 2013 // Comments Bonacci

Robert Bonacci’s passion for medical care for Latinos developed well before he entered medical school. As an undergraduate student, Bonacci studied Spanish and studied abroad in Argentina. Bonacci also studied tubercolosis epidemiology and tobacco use in Mexico on a Fulbright scholarship. Considering this background, this second year Perelman School of... Read more

Together, Penn Medicine and SHIELD Focus on the Community… and the Future

By Olivia Fermano // March 6, 2013 // Comments SHIELD at Sim Ctr 004

What do the songs “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees and “Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen have in common? And – what could they possibly have to do with health care or saving lives? Well, as it so happens, both songs have a steady rhythm of 100 beats... Read more

Penn Medicine Researchers Take a Closer Look at Sleep and Heart Health

By Jessica Mikulski // March 4, 2013 // Comments Iheartsleeping

When most people think about ways to improve their heart health, they consider eating a healthier diet, getting some additional exercise, and possibly sipping a glass of red wine each night. But few people really consider the complex role that sleep – yes, sleep – plays in their overall cardiovascular... Read more

Simply Because

By Holly Auer // March 1, 2013 // Comments Cut hypertension

“The needs that call Penn Medicine to action in the community are profound. Twenty-five percent of Philadelphians live in poverty – that’s nearly 400,000 adults and children – and one in seven city residents have no health insurance. Hunger and homelessness remain, still, throughout the city. These societal problems only... Read more

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