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March 19, 2013 // By Jessica Mikulski // Comments

“A Whirlwind of Emotion, Excitement, and Celebration” - Post Match Day Reflections and New Beginnings

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In their final post, Jon and Martha Kole, fourth year students at the Perelman School of Medicine, reveal how Match Day unfolded and where they will be heading for their residencies. Congrats to all the students and check out the photo series from this year's ceremony!


Jon and Martha on Match Day
Our wish to match in “a city starting with the letter P” has been granted…P is for Providence! We are both excited to have matched into great programs in Providence, Rhode Island! Martha will be completing her OB/GYN residency in the renown and beautiful Women and Infant’s Hospital, while Jon joins the small cohort nationwide to enter the Triple Board training in Pediatrics, Adult Psychiatry and Child Psychiatry. We are proud to be part of Brown University and enjoy coastal living in the Ocean State. It seems like fate, as Martha’s maiden name is none other than Brown.

The days surrounding Match Day were a whirlwind of emotion, excitement, and celebration. As we opened the doors to Dunlop Auditorium, we were met with a cacophony of conversation from the crowds of parents, partners, and almost-doctors. I don’t think we had ever seen it that full. We slowly made our way down the aisle, stopping every so often to give hugs and well wishes. We surveyed the seating and found our way to an open section towards the front. We didn’t have time to cross our legs before Dean J. Larry Jameson’s remarks were over and Dr. Jon Morris announced the name drawing would begin. We figured we still had a little time, a moment or two to soak it in and embrace the anticipation. The first name was drawn.

“Jonathan Kole.” As quickly as that, Jon rose from his seat to claim his envelope and his future. As previously decided, we left the auditorium to open our envelope in privacy without our peers dissecting our reactions for emotions. We found a corner nook and seized the moment (using our brand new Perelman letter opener). Out of the blank white envelope came a single piece of paper. Jonathan Kole, Peds/Psych/Child Psych, Brown University. We embraced with enthusiasm, knowing from our rank list that this ensured Martha would be at Brown as well. Martha immediately called her mother and Jon fielded questions from a Penn reporter about “being the first envelope.” After the call and with wide smiles, we made our way back into the auditorium. We shared hugs and high fives with well-matched peers until Martha got her envelope. For a brief moment, the possibility of some clerical error separating us filled our hearts with panic. She tore open the envelope and let out a sigh of relief. Martha Kole, Obstetrics-Gynecology, Brown University.

Rhode Island here we come! In fact, we’re already celebrating in the beautiful city of Providence.

-Jon and Martha Kole

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