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The Many Faces of Metformin

By Karen Kreeger // January 30, 2013 // Comments Metformin blog post goat's rue Jan 13

Metformin, the most widely prescribed diabetes drug, has come full circle from a home remedy in the European medieval apothecary called goat’s rue to now being investigated for a host of modern chronic conditions. Read more

You Can Do It!

By Sally Sapega // January 21, 2013 // Comments IMG_0355

The new year frequently brings with it resolutions to improve our lives. And the two goals topping most people’s lists are losing weight and getting more exercise. Every January, gyms suddenly become more crowded and weight-loss programs see significant increases in membership. Diet aid apps are downloaded by the thousands.... Read more

When Art Meets Science

By Karen Kreeger // January 10, 2013 // Comments Guo Dreyfuss Cell snRNP cover 2012

Frank Oppenheimer, founder of the famed science museum in San Francisco, the Exploratorium, called artists and scientists “the official ‘noticers’ of society,” adding that “they notice things that other people either have never learned to see or have learned to ignore, and communicate those ‘noticings’ to others.” Lili Guo, a... Read more

Incremental Clarity in Neurodegenerative Diseases

By Kim Menard // January 9, 2013 // Comments

In December and early January, years of neurological research unfolded in a few weeks time as papers published the work of Penn researchers and were able to deepen our understanding of a variety of conditions, both rare and common, hopefully getting closer to refining or finding effective treatments as a result. Read more

The Dinges Factor, Through the Years

By John Shea // January 7, 2013 // Comments

The new issue of Penn Medicine (Fall 2012) has a cover story on the work of David F. Dinges, PhD, with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The article’s hook is the recent completion of the Mars-500 experiment, a multinational effort to simulate a manned mission to Mars. Six...

A New Venue for Healing: Out of the Hospital and Onto the Stage

By Katie Delach // January 7, 2013 // Comments The Healing

Later this week, a cast of 15 local actors and actresses will take to the stage at The Playground @ The Adrienne Theater in Center City to share a story of one woman’s journey through life, and cancer. The Healing, billed as “a story of love, fame, hurt, and healing”,... Read more

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