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Preserving Fertility in the Face of Cancer

By Sally Sapega // November 30, 2012 // Comments Oncofertility photo

At any one time, Penn Medicine investigators run as many as 3,000 studies involving human subjects, generating knowledge about disease and finding new cures. And making sure these studies run smoothly are 700 clinical research coordinators who do everything from recruiting patients and administering medication to collecting the data that... Read more

Penn Medicine Reaches Out

By Holly Auer // November 29, 2012 // Comments UCHC

UCHCFrom providing screenings for high blood pressure in West Philadelphia barber shops to arming women who are recovering from addiction with the skills to build new lives with their children, Penn Medicine’s employees reach far beyond our campus community to help, care for, and inspire people to improve their health. Each year since 2007, Penn Medicine has highlighted the work of its faculty, staff and students in Philadelphia and its neighboring communities in Simply Because. Last year’s book is full of the faces and stories of everyone who comes together to be part of these programs. Read more

In the Pink Shadow: Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month Needs the Spotlight Now

By Olivia Fermano // November 27, 2012 // Comments Pancreatic-cancer-awareness-month

With each passing year the month of November loses more and more respect. On paper it looks good – All Saint’s, All Soul’s, Veteran’s and Election Day come right in a row within the first two weeks. But poor Thanksgiving. For several centuries it rose through the ranks as one... Read more

After Carving the Turkey, Remember to Carve out Time for Your Health

By Kim Menard // November 23, 2012 // Comments image from

Whether you indulged on Turkey Day, are watching your calories, or trying to avoid an annual weight gain during the holidays, Thanksgiving can be an important time to stay in control of your health. And the day after Thanksgiving can be a great opportunity to reinvest your energy and set... Read more

A “Modest Proposal:” Spreading the Wealth from Intellectual Property to Encourage New Players in Drug Development

By Karen Kreeger // November 21, 2012 // Comments Garret FitzGerald April 2012 lab SLP

Garret FitzGerald, MD, chair of the Department of Pharmacology and Director of the Institute for Translational Medicine & Therapeutics, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, has long said the current drug-development system in the United States is in need of change, “representing an unsustainable model.” He suggests... Read more

A Runner's Heart Healed

By Jessica Mikulski // November 16, 2012 // Comments Gordon_finishline

In April 2009, Penn patient Elliot Gordon suffered from an aortic dissection, and required almost immediate open-heart surgery. Less than four years later Gordon will attempt to complete the Philadelphia Half-Marathon Sunday. Read more

Art and Insanity

By John Shea // November 15, 2012 // Comments

Was modern art insane? Was modern art -– often defined as art that broke from classical traditions in Europe beginning in the mid-19th century –- created by artists with mental diseases, for appreciation by those with sick minds? To hear what some Penn psychiatrists had to say in the 1920s,... Read more

Be a Hero. Donate Blood.

By Sally Sapega // November 7, 2012 // Comments Nick and mom 1210

Do you donate blood? If you’re like the majority of Americans –- more than 90 percent -- the answer is no. Most people don’t think about it in their busy lives. Or they feel someone else will take up the slack. Unfortunately that’s not the case. Less than 40 percent... Read more

Halloween Goes on at HUP's Intensive Care Nursery

By Greg Richter // November 1, 2012 // Comments IMG_0596

Hurricane Sandy’s impact on the Philadelphia region did not dampen the Halloween celebration at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania’s Intensive Care Nursery (ICN)! The Third Annual ICN Halloween Party provided a unique way for parents to celebrate the first Halloween of these tiny babies, many of whom were... Read more

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