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March 30, 2015 // By Karen Kreeger // Comments

Beginner Brain Science (Slide Show)

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NGG class and grad students 1“What has a brain?” asked Patti Murphy, a doctoral student in the lab of Michael Granato, PhD, a professor of Cell and Development Biology.  “Sharks!” “Humans!” “Dinosaurs had really little brains!” came the enthusiastic replies from the first-graders in Leonor Jimenez’s science classroom at Independence Charter School, a Philadelphia school known for its cultural diversity, advanced curriculum, including science at early grade levels, and dedicated teachers and parent volunteers.

This is the second year that grad students in the Penn Neuroscience Graduate Group (NGG) conducted a two-day neuroscience outreach program for elementary school students in Philadelphia. NGG is an active group at Penn’s Perelman School of Medicine that gives grad students an opportunity to get out of the lab and share their love of science. They hold public lectures – this year’s on the aging brain was standing room only -- open days at neuroscience labs, exhibitions about the brain, and displays at libraries, community centers, science museums, and the Philadelphia Science Festival.

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