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October 31, 2014 // By Katie Delach // Comments

Love in the Laboratory

Human Interest // Pathology and Laboratory Medicine // Penn Presbyterian Medical Center

Diane and DaveThis week, our internal publications – HUPdate, What’s New, and the Presby Bulletin – all focused on the people who keep hospital operations running throughout the evening and night shifts. Everyone who works an off-peak shift has a different reason for doing it. Some choose it because they enjoy working independently, or they prefer the quiet to the hustle and bustle of the dayshift. Others work those shifts in order to accommodate their family’s schedule. And still others do it because, well, it’s always worked for them. But any way you slice it, and regardless of why you do it, working while others are at home or asleep will change your life in ways you can’t imagine.

February 19, 1980: a day when nothing particularly special happened – at least not according to several historical web sites – but one Penn Medicine's David and Diane Talemal will never forget. It was the day that Presbyterian Medical Center brought them together, and changed their lives forever. 

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